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Pro Training Centre Ltd was conceived to help provide a skilled labor force(entrepreneurs and employees) that will help carry Nigerian businesses to the next level and achieve global relevance. No organization can be better than its employees. Therefore to improve a business, its employees must be improved. Likewise, to improve career prospects, employees have to improve themselves. Employees and even employers can only improve themselves by acquiring new knowledge through reading, or on the job training or class based trainings.

A number of us do not earn our daily bread using what we learned in school. We have had to learn on the job (sometimes at great cost), or from friends or from books. Surprisingly, there is a dearth of local places where we can go to learn or improve the skills that impact our daily bread the most. Thus most of us end up going to acquire master’s degrees, sometimes in courses irrelevant to our jobs/careers as proof of continuing professional development. This should not be the case. In developed countries, there are a plethora of institutions like Pro Training Centre where people go for short, affordable programs to help them achieve at least one of the following

  1. Climb up the career ladder
  2. Get a job or a better paying job
  3. Set up a business
  4. Improve and/or grow their business

We will be adding to our program offerings at Pro Training Centre Ltd over time. We will specialize in courses/programs that are not traditionally offered in Universities but are becoming increasingly relevant in today’s work place eg. Project Management, six sigma, Microsoft Excel, Financial Intelligence etc.

At Pro Training Centre Ltd, our vision is to help train up one million Nigerians.

This will move Nigeria one step closer to eradicating poverty. This vision can’t become a reality without your help. So please feel free to pitch in however you can. You can tell us what courses you are looking to attend, so we can look into getting the ones with highest requests. Or if you have a skill which you can teach or that we can use, let us know. You can call us, email or fill out our contact us form.

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