• January 10, 2017 Posted on Blog, 0 Comment

    Pro Training Centre Charity Project (With Reekahs Couture)

    As the saying goes 'it's better late than never', so......Happy New year!!!!! Yes, it's been ages since we wrote anything on this blog so here's hoping we can keep up with this. So we realized (or started) one of our objectives as an organization last year which is to give back to society. Yes, we finally did that. We partnered with a fashion designer - Reekahs Couture to put smiles on the faces of some young kids at a place we never knew existed - Monkey Village - behind Opebi. ...

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  • July 24, 2013 Posted on Blog, 0 Comment

    PMP Exam Success Tips

    Having facilitated PMP exam(& CAPM) prep classes for over five years, a common question clients ask is "what advice do you have for me when taking the PMP/CAPM exam?". There are so many articles out there on how to prepare and our online PMP training is full of tips as well So this article focuses instead, on tips that will help you during the actual PMP exam - only three out of twelve tips can be applied before the day you sit for the PMP exam. But you will still ...

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  • June 13, 2013 Posted on Blog, 0 Comment

    15 Reasons Why You Should Get The PMP Certification(or CAPM).

    1. It leads to one of the most valuable certifications in the world. Google 'most valuable certifications' to see for yourself. 2. You get current insights into the processes and systems of the world’s most successful organizations. 3. It leads to an internationally recognized certification. 4. It is multi-disciplinary i.e. it is valued and has applications in practically all industries; not just engineering, but medicine, event management, fashion design, etc – they all run project. 5. You can use it to change careers ...

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    Project Management and The Power of Belief

    Sometimes, it is your belief in your own abilities that help you complete projects on time and within schedule when nobody believes you will/can. Einstein started to speak rather late and one of his teachers also said he 'will never amount to much". See the diagram on the left for more surprising examples. Very often you need your project team to be believe in the project plan for it to be successful. The easiest way to make this happen is to involve them in the planning process(when creating the project management ...

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