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Every organsation, be it a school, a retail store, manufacturing company or courier service, will over the course of its business or operations, generate various types of information; information that needs to be recorded, organised, retrieved and referenced. However, many organisations record and organise this information by manual (pen and paper) means. As a result, there will always be inevitable lapses, omissions and mistakes; mistakes that may sometimes not become evident until during a time critical period. At best, such omissions and mistakes would cause loss of operational efficiency of the business of the organization; at worst they can directly cause the organization to lose money.

With manual systems, retrieving any information is and can never be instantaneous. Personnel would have to search through several folders/binders and then sift through the contents of the right folder just to locate that single piece of information. And as the business grows, so would the information that the organization needs to store. Consequently, the files and folders would no longer fit on tables and shelves but in cabinets, then rooms. Thus over time, storing and retrieving information would take longer and longer as the business grows and more time would be spent searching for information; time that should otherwise be spent on the core of the business. And sometimes, the information will be impossible to find.

Our Bespoke Automated Solutions

To remedy the above problems, we provide different types of bespoke automated solutions; solutions tailored to meet each client’s exact needs. This is one of the advantages of our custom-made solutions over one-size-fits-all (turnkey) solutions. Turnkey solutions present a predefined set of features and functionality and hope that it will meet most or at least some of the needs of most prospective users. These turnkey solutions usually prove to be more expensive on the long run. This is because when the users desire new functionality that is not provided by the turnkey solution, they would have to seek out a database professional who would try to eke out the desired new functionality out of the turnkey solution. Moreso, some of the turnkey solutions have a steep learning curve.

Our own solutions are designed from the ground up to meet each client’s needs. We assess each client’s manual record-keeping processes and then provide a database solution that mirrors those processes whilst at the same time introducing improvements and eliminating redundancies.

Also, our database solutions store data in formats that are fully compliant with internationally defined standards as specified by the ISO (International Organization for Standardization) and the IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission). Specifically, the SQL-92 standard as well as the SQL:2006 (ISO/IEC 9075-14:2006) and the entire ISO/IEC 9075 standard.

This means our solutions are easy to integrate with other standards compliant software applications.

Some of our solutions include:

  1. Student Information Management Systems
  2. Warehouse-Inventory Management Systems
  3. Point –of–Sales Systems

(i) Student Information Management Systems

It has been scientifically proven that education at the primary level is the most important stage of the educational life-cycle. It is the stage at which an individual’s I.Q can be most significantly improved. Thus it is important to ensure that teachers spend every second possible teaching students (tomorrow’s leaders) and as little as is efficiently possible on administrative tasks. Presently one of the most cumbersome administrative duties teachers partake in is collating students’ results; a process that can take weeks. This is time that can and should be spent developing tomorrow’s leaders.
At the heart of our Student Information Management System is an Academic Performance Management Module that maintains and automates records of students’ continuous assessment scores, end of term examination scores, term total, class and subject averages, grades, academic progression and promotion criteria. Consider an elementary or secondary school. Teachers and examiners need to record the scores of each pupil/student in each continuous assessment exercise and do the same for the end of term examination for each and every subject. Consider the steps involved:

  1. The scores for each continuous assessment test is entered into a marks book.
  2. The scores are the end of term examination are entered into the marks book.
  3. Then the scores are aggregated/added up.
  4. Average score for each subject is calculated.
  5. Positions are determined.
  6. The scores are then individually/singularly entered into the report sheet for each pupil/student.
  7. The aggregates (term total) for each subject for the 1st and 2nd terms will then be entered again in the third term report sheet.
  8. At the end of the session, the aggregate scores of each pupil/student is checked to identify those that do not meet the promotion criteria.
  9. The end of term aggregates are closely scrutinized so as to determine the best performing pupil/student in various subjects and categories.

The process enumerated above is very time consuming and very error prone. The process of calculating averages and determining positions is a task many teachers do not look upon favourably. It takes too much time(sometimes weeks) and there are almost always mistakes. Each error or mistake always means that the calculation has to be started again. With our SIMS solution, the above process will be completed in less than five minutes as scores for any test or exam need to be entered only once. Any calculation or needed reference to it is automated. In other words, everything else is done automatically by a computer; all instantaneously at the click of a button. Our system also allows for finer interaction with the data. For example, determining the overall best student in the various arms of Primary 3 will involve repeating the above steps for each arm and manually comparing the results. With our SIMS, this information can be gotten at the click of a button.

In addition, our software system will display the status of the school at any time. It will show:

  1. Total number of students in the school.
  2. Total number of students in each class.
  3. Number of subjects offered/taught.

In addition, our SIMS solution can also incorporate an optional Finances Module that tracks payment of school fees as well as basic inflow and outflow. The finances module makes it very easy to see school fees debtors/defaulters and total amount of unpaid school fees. Also, you can search for financial transactions of any point in time. All of the above are presented in an easy to read format and are only a click away. This is information that would take the accounting staff several hours to locate and put together.

All in all, our software makes it easy for teachers to get back to the business of teaching and not the unfortunate job of calculating averages, determining positions and entrering the same marks/scores several times over.

Our software can be designed/configured to work in online mode and offline mode. Simply put, online mode means you would require an internet connection to use the software while offline mode means you don’t. Online mode allows you to access the data/information from any internet connected computer while offline mode only allows access at a single location i.e. the school. Note that in offline mode, it is possible to have more than one point of access in the same location/building/premises. Each point of access shall require a computer system.

(ii) Warehouse-Inventory Management Systems

Warehouses typically contain large numbers of different products and items. Keeping effective tabs on this inventory levels is key to effective running of the business/operation.
Our warehouse inventory solution will allow business owners to avoid the tedious task of manual stock taking.

(iii) Warehouse-Inventory Management Systems

Our Point –of–Sales Systems allow the efficient running of supermarkets and other establishments where retail sales of products is the mainstay of the business. Our solution will alert you to specify minimum levels for each item and product and will alert you when those levels are reached. Sales reports of any day are also just a click of a button away. We employ Barcode and SmartCode tags, depending on the nature of the business.

Give us a call today. Let our software work for you.

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