[accordion auto_height=”true” ui_theme=”ui-smoothness” collapsible=”1″ active=”false”][accordion_panel title=”Can I Buy The Mock Exam Questions Without Attending Your Training?”]Yes you can. We will however recommend that you attend our trainings as we deliver excellent trainings. [/accordion_panel] [accordion_panel title=”Can I Do The PMP Mock Exams More Than Once?”]Yes you can. You can do them as many times as you like during the access period you have paid for. We record your scores, so you can check how your performance improves over time. [/accordion_panel] [accordion_panel title=”How Do I Pay For The PMP Mock Exams?”]You will have to pay at the bank. When you have, please email/text us with your name(or the name in which the payment was made), what you paid for and your email address. For example,if Temi Adefuwa pays for three months access, she will text or email us the following, Temi Adefuwa, mock exam, tadefuwa@gmail.com. Then we will email you a username and password.
[/accordion_panel] [accordion_panel title=”How Do I Pay For The Training?”]You can pay using an online transfer or by paying at the bank. If you have enrolled for a particular program there is no need to tell us you have paid as we will receive an alert for your payment and we will connect it to your enrollment if both were done in the same name. If however, you have not received an email from us within 36 hours, please contact us by email, by phone or by using the live chat facility on our website. [/accordion_panel] [accordion_panel title=”Is 4 Days Enough For PMP training?”]Yes, it will be nice if it was longer, but this makes it less affordable and the logistics harder. Most of our clients are working adults with work and family/personal commitments. These make it harder for you to attend classes that are spread over 2 to 6 months. It is also worth noting that the PMP exam prep program is for 36 hours over four days. This is longer than it seems as most times, a semester’s course in university is usually 2 hours a week for 12 weeks which gives 24 hours. So at 36 hours, this course is much longer. [/accordion_panel] [accordion_panel title=”Does The PMP Training Fee Include The Exam Fee?”]The training fee does not include the exam fee. It includes snack/lunch and a training manual. It also gives you 20 days access to our exam simulator which currently has 3 mock exams. We will continue to add more exams to this over time. [/accordion_panel] [accordion_panel title=”Do You Really Offer A Money Back Guarantee?”]Yes we do. If for any reason, you are not satisfied with the quality of the training, you can ask for a refund at any point during the first day. While you do not have to give a reason, we will appreciate if you tell us so we can improve it for future clients. [/accordion_panel] [accordion_panel title=”How Do I Enroll?”]To enroll, view our training schedule, after you have decided which course you want to attend, where and when, then click on ‘enroll now’ for the class. You will then be asked to fill in your details and click ‘send’. If you do not receive a response from us within 48 hours, we will give you a 3% discount if you call us to inform us. [/accordion_panel] [accordion_panel title=”You Do Not Offer The Course I Want”]The courses you see on our timetable are there due to demand. If we do not offer the course you want, it is probably because we have not had any or enough demand for it. So please do send us an email or let us know by using the contact form about the course you want. Also if you want to arrange a corporate training for your colleagues or employees and it is not listed on our site, please do call us to enquire. [/accordion_panel] [accordion_panel title=”Is 2 Days Enough For Excel Training?”]This course is not meant for you to memorize everything that Excel can do, but to show you everything that can be done with it. You can only memorize it through constant use/practice. What the course will do for you though, is that when next you find yourself in a situation where excel can be used to complete a task much quicker than you will have previously done it(manually), you will know that there is a better way and can consult your training material, call any of your friends that trained with you or call the trainer. [/accordion_panel] [accordion_panel title=”How Do I Pay For The PMP Exam?”]You can pay by yourself on the PMI website or you can pay into our domiciliary account for us to pay on your behalf. If you wish for us to pay on your behalf, please visit the PMI website and create an account. When you have made payment into our account, send us your log in details for your PMI account and we will make your payment within 5 working days.
If you pay in dollars, we charge a $30 processing fee. If you wish to pay in Naira, please note we charge a higher than average exchange rate. This is to reflect the extra work we will need to do before we are able to make your payment as well as the extra risk involved with purchasing the dollars on your behalf. Please call us to confirm our exchange rate before paying. [/accordion_panel] [accordion_panel title=”How Much Is The PMP/CAPM Exam Fee?”]The PMP costs $555 for non-PMI members. It is however cheaper to become a PMI member which costs $129 and then pay $405 for the exam fee. This way, it costs you $534 to write the exam
CAPM costs $405 for Non-Members of PMI. But if you pay $129 for PMI membership, then the exam fee is $225 so you pay a total of $354. [/accordion_panel] [accordion_panel title=”What is CAPM?”]CAPM stands for Certified Associate in Project Management. This is for people who do not satisfy the criteria for the PMP exam.
[/accordion_panel] [accordion_panel title=”What Is The Criteria For PMP/CAPM?”]The criteria for PMP are:

You must have a degree from a tertiary institution, 3 years work experience, 4,500 hours of project management experience and you must have attended 35 hours of PM training.


You must have a senior secondary school certificate, 5 years work experience, 7,500 hours of project management experience and you must have attended 35 hours of PM training.

The criteria for CAPM are:

You must have attended 23 hours of project management training


You must have 1500 hours of project management experience. [/accordion_panel] [accordion_panel title=”Where Is The PMP Exam Held?”]The PMP/CAPM exams are computer based exams and you will have to do them at Prometric centers. However while you can sit the CAPM exam at most Prometric centers, the PMP exam can only be taken at two Prometric centers in Nigeria, one at Ikeja and one at Abuja, You will see their addresses when applying for the exam on the PMI website. [/accordion_panel] [accordion_panel title=”When Is The PMP Exam Held?”]The PMP/CAPM exams are online computer based tests and are available every weekday, all year round, except for public holidays. [/accordion_panel] [accordion_panel title=”Can I Buy The Material, Read Them And Sit For The Exam?”]It is a compulsory requirement that you attend 35 hours of project management training before you are allowed to write the exam. [/accordion_panel] [accordion_panel title=”Will I Get A Certificate After The Training?”]Yes, we offer certificates after ALL our programs. You can present these at interviews or at your place of work as proof of your continuing professional development. [/accordion_panel] [accordion_panel title=”Do You Train Outside Lagos?”]We train in Port Harcourt and Abuja. We will be launching in other states soon. We are however available to train in any state you want us to come and train your staff. [/accordion_panel] [accordion_panel title=”Can I Pay More Than Once?”]Yes, you can pay N65,000 in advance and pay the balance at the end of the month is which you had the training. [/accordion_panel][/accordion]

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