MS Project Training

Microsoft project training will you complete more of your projects on time and within budget. A large number of failed projects in all industries fail because a loss of control by the project manager and his team. They have run out of time or funds, a project is cancelled because resources( human machinery, equipments etc) are required on other projects at the same time, so one or both get neglected, project team members are not sure about when they are needed or when they should start their work or how long it is supposed to take. Some don’t fail altogether but are completed after several months or even years late. Most, possibly all of these issues can be avoided by using Microsoft Project.

While there are a lot of project planning software available, the most popular one is Microsoft Projects. In most quarters, the erroneous belief is that the Microsoft Projects is only useful in construction projects. Even then very few project managers are skilled at using it. The truth is that projects in various industries will benefit immensely from using MS projects to plan, track, and monitor their projects and the project resources.

Professionals in the construction industry can testify that Microsoft Project is an indispensable tool in project planning and execution. How about its versatility? Microsoft Project is used by Insurance experts to document, plan and track claims, likewise executive marketers use it for marketing campaigns. Non Governmental Organisations, Human Resource experts, Finance experts, Business development managers, Operations officers, Engineers, other professionals and industries/parastatals also use of Microsoft Project.

Using Microsoft project saves time. It eliminates the need to manually calculate cost and time, as the software does this automatically, thus reducing errors. The inability to calculate costs manually also encourages/enforces transparency.

You can learn how to use Microsoft Project by Attend our Microsoft Project training program to learn how to use the software.

If you are a project manager or an aspiring project manager, knowing how to create and read project plans will increase your project success rates. If you are a PMP, this will also give you 16 PDU’s.

If you are looking to get into your organization’s project departments, attending our Microsoft project training will move you a step closer to achieving your objective. To attend please view our training calendar and enroll for whichever dates you wish to attend and then make a payment at the bank.

Training Calendar:

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Aug 4-5 2B Oyetola Street Off Ajanaku Street Salvation Opebi Lagos 10am till 6pm N55000 Register Now


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