PMP Practice Questions

PMP Exam Questions

Practicing PMP exam questions before taking the exam proper is very important. After reading thoroughly for the exam, it is essential that you put in sufficient practice time answering PMP exam questions. There are two ways of doing this:

  1. Answer a few PMP exam questions whenever you get the chance. 30 a day during the week will take you about an hour while 100 at weekends should take you about 2hours.
  2. Actually sit a mock exam of 200 PMP exam questions over 4 hours in a quiet place free of distractions(home or office). You should give yourself 3 hours instead of four to answer all 200 PMP exam questions and another 2 hours to review your answers. If you are pressed for time, you can do 100 PMP exam questions in 90 minutes and another 90 minutes to review the answers.

This will serve the following purposes:

  1. Point out areas where you are weak so you can focus on them.
  2. Make sure you work on your timing as you have 72 seconds per question
  3. Get you into exam mode mentally
  4. Reduce the chances of your being surprised in the exam proper

Below you will find fifty PMP exam  questions and answers to practice with. If you are attempting it for the first time just before your PMP exam, you should aim to score a minimum of 42 out of 50. If you have used these questions in the course of your preparations for the PMP exam /CAPM exam, then you should aim to score 47 out of fifty by the time you are ready for the exam.



1. Which of the following is not a type of dependency?

  • a. External
  • b. Discretionary
  • c. Mandatory
  • d. Inter-related dependency

2. The Earned Value Analysis is performed for an ongoing project and gives the following numbers:
Earned value is $623,000; Planned value is $723,000 and the Actual cost is $433,000. This project is :

  • a. Overbudget and ahead of schedule
  • b. Overbudget and behind schedule
  • c. Underbudget and behind schedule
  • d. Underbudget and ahead of schedule

3. You are in the planning phase of a project when your sponsor calls you to ask for what he calls ‘basic changes which will not cost much’. After listening to his request, you realize that it really won’t cost much. What form of communication should this request be in?

  • a. Informal written
  • b. Formal Written
  • c. Formal Verbal
  • d. Informal Verbal

4. You work in a balanced matrix organization as an accountant. The functional manager handles all projects as per the Halo theory. Following your project management training and certification, you have been asked to play a lead role in projects. The functional manager is in the habit of hijacking your projects resulting in you never achieve target ROI’s. Which document will make your job easier?

  • a. Scope statement
  • b. Project plan
  • c. Project charter
  • d. Work breakdown structure

5. You are part of a project team and the project manager announces that the SPI is 0.76. He calls an emergency meeting to decide what can be done to drag the project back on track. What are they doing?

a. Corrective action
b. Crashing
c. Benchmarking
d. Project management plan updates

6. You are part of the risk management team on a construction project in San Francisco. Someone points out that according to a recent survey, construction sites in the state have a 70% probability of being burgled. When planning the response for such a risk, you decide to transfer the risk, which of the following will you choose?

a. Decide that you will have a helicopter standby to evacuate all personnel should it occur
b. Hire extra security personnel
c. Get insurance to cover any losses, should it occur
d. Look for another state where there are no risks of robberies

7. Project team B has 14 team members while project team G has 7 members. Project G is killed off and its team members are merged with project team B. How many communication channels does project team B have now?

a. 210
b. 112
c. 91
d. 21

8. Which of the following correct?

a. You can purchase insurance for business risk and pure risk
b. You can purchase insurance for business risk but not for pure risk
c. You cannot purchase insurance for business risk or pure risk
d. You can purchase insurance for pure risk but not business risk

9. Which of the following is not an input to the manage stakeholders expectations process?

a. Stakeholder register
b. Stakeholder management strategy
c. Risk log
d. Issue log

10. Factors which limit options available on a project are known as

a. Cost
b. Time
c. Constraints
d. Scope

11. You have just completed a project and the project manager has asked to see all team members for a final meeting to discuss what worked well on the project so it can be recorded for posterity as well as what didn’t go so well so it can be avoided on future projects. What is this meeting called?

a. Lessons learned
b. Change request
c. Formal acceptance
d. Team building

12. You are about to sign a contract for a 7 year project. It is meant to cost $70 million. You agree to spread the payment over the 7 years. But each year the amount paid out will increase/decrease by 3 times the rate of inflation/deflation. What sort of contract is this?

a. Fixed Price Economic Price Adjust
b. Lump sum
c. Fixed price Plus Incentive                                                                                                                                                                                                                   d. Cost Plus Percentage of Cost

13. Delphi technique, affinity diagrams and brainstorming are:

a. Quality management tools
b. Group creativity techniques
c. Used to define the scope
d. Risk management techniques

14. The triple constraint consists of scope cost and time. Which of them is most important?

a. Scope
b. Time
c. Cost
d. All three are equally important

15. Kelvin has asked Guptha to get him a report of project activities for the past week. Guptha provides Kelvin with a similar report detailing recent events/activities on a weekly basis. Kelvin is asking for?

a. Status report
b. Variance report
c. Progress report
d. Forecast report

16. Which of the following is a forecast?

a. CV
b. CPI
c. ETC
d. SPI

17. Which of the following is a technique for the verify scope process?

a. Inspection
b. Project planning software
c. Change request
d. Scope statement

18. Which of the following is the best type of conflict resolution method according to the PMBOK?

a. Collaboration
b. Forcing
c. Smoothing
d. Confronting

19. Seun is the risk owner for a positive risk which is about to occur. As the risk owner, he has to implement the risk response plan. Which of the following is he likely to do?

a. Avoid
b. Transfer
c. Share
d. Mitigate

20. The Earned Value Analysis is performed for an ongoing project and gives the following numbers: EV: 623,000; PV: 723,000; AC: 433,000.
Which results are correct?

a. CV = 190,000; SV = 100,000
b. CV = -190,000: SV = 100,000
c. CV = 190,000; SV = -100,000
d. CV = -190,000; SV = -100,000

21. Inspired Creations has a project with a CPI of 1.2. Nkem, the project manager goes to the head office in New York for a progress report meeting. Halfway through the meeting, senior management is impressed and decide to reassign her to a troubled project with an important client. Samuel, her project coordinator is asked to replace her as project manager on the current project. What document will be most helpful in helping Samuel express his new powers especially when dealing with third party firms?

a. Letter of promotion
b. Project charter
c. Organizational breakdown structure
d. Work breakdown structure

22. Laila, your plumber has informed you that she will not be able to start work on her task(on the critical path) till 2 days after the scheduled start date. You decide that Sonny the electrician should start his task a week earlier and complete it the day before Laila is due to start. Then he will assist her so her task is finished in 5 days instead of 8 days, bringing the project back on track. The new relationship between Sonny and Laila’s s tasks is a

a. Start-to-start
b. Start-to-finish
c. Finish-to-finish
d. Finish-to-start

23. Maslow’s hierarchy of needs uses human needs as a means of motivating project team members. From the bottom, these needs are:

a. Physiological, belonging, safety, self-esteem , self actualization
b. Physiological, safety, belonging, self actualization, esteem
c. Physiological, belonging, self-esteem , safety, self actualization
d. Physiological, safety, belonging, self-esteem , self actualization

24. Duncan is the lead project Manager on a project which an NPV of $265,000. On the project, EV: 156,000; PV: 271,000; AC: 375,000
BAC is 500,000. Calculate the EAC.

a. $208,004
b. $1.845
c. $1,201,923.08
d. Insufficient data

25. Who is ultimately responsible for quality standards on a project?

a. Sponsor
b. Project management team
c. Quality manager
d. Project manager

26. In which of the process groups is the budget prepared

a. Closing
b. Determine Budget
c. Planning
d. Executing

27. Which of the following tools and techniques is/are used to Create WBS

a. Responsibility Assignment Matrix
b. Decomposition
c. Network Diagram
d. Brainstorming

28. You are hired as the project manager and informed that you will have 5 people in your project team. However, when you start work, you find that your team members will only work with you for 6 hours a week and they will still be reporting to their departmental managers. What sort of organization is this?

a. Balanced matrix organization
b. Strong matrix organization
c. Functional organization
d. Composite organization

29. Which of the following is true about grade and quality?

a. Both low grade and low quality are unacceptable
b. Both low grade and low quality are acceptable if that is what the customer wanted
c. Low grade is acceptable but low quality leads to a failed project if not corrected
d. Low quality is acceptable but low grade leads to a failed project if not corrected

30. UBA is rolling out a new software across its 800-odd branches and the roll out is due to start in 4 weeks. You are one of the Project managers and you explain to Phillips Oduoza, one of the major stakeholders that the date is not realistic due to the number of unresolved bugs in the software. He asks you to spend the next two weeks getting rid of those bugs which are causing the most problems. What tool will help you determine what these bugs are?

a. Design of experiments
b. Control chart
c. Statistical analysis
d. Pareto chart

31. Abbey has been made the project manager on an existing project as the previous one, Obi got another job offer. On going through the project files, Abbey discovers that the project has a CPI of .0899 and an SPI of 1.031. However there are certain things she does not grasp on the work breakdown structure. What should she check for to help her get up to speed with this document?

a. Project charter
b. Gantt chart
c. WBS dictionary
d. Obi’s contact details

32. Dirk is managing a project with a benefit cost ration of 3.5:1. The project has a CPI of 0.89 and the earned value is $123, 349. He needs to know very quickly how much has been spent so far. You find out that the expenses sheet is not up to date. Which of the following can you use to get him what he needs?

a. Call all the suppliers, contractors and ask them to fax/email you all the invoices
b. Set up an emergency project team meeting and ask everyone for the figures.
c. Use the EV and the CPI
d. Give an analogous estimates

33. Your scope statement asks you to convert disused warehouse into a hospital with four ward rooms each of which can accommodate 38 beds with a side table and 10 toilets. Your project manager has planned to place 44 beds in each ward and with 16 toilets each. You ask him about it and he explains he wants to exceed the clients expectations. That way your company will get more projects from the sponsor. Which of the following is true?

a. This is scope creep and it is the project manager’s fault
b. This goldplating and it is bad
c. This is goldplating and it is good as long as it does not cost the client extra time or money
d. This is excellent customer service

34. Kate has been hired to maximize revenues at a bakery which makes 79.6% of its income from baking cakes and the remainder from bread. Going through all their records, she discovers that 2 out of every 6 cakes bakes are burnt and have to be baked again, that is a 30% wastage levels! She also finds out that there is no work breakdown structure. What do you recommend that Kate uses to discover the cause of the wastage?

a. Work breakdown structure
b. Ishikawa Diagram
c. Provide incentives for them to reduce the burn rates
d. Six sigma

35. Which of the following is not a project?

a. Building a 21 floor skyscraper
b. Replacing all the computers and laptops at HSBC bank worldwide
c. Receiving customer deposits at the bank
d. Deploying a CRM solution for a NHS Singapore Airlines

36. Which of the following is 3 sigma?

a. 99.997%
b. 99.73%
c. 99.97%
d. 95.46%

37. Sola needs have to procure 1,300 laptops for the Australian branch of her employer’s office. What contract type is best for this and who carries the risk?

a. Purchase order and Sola’s employer carries the risk
b. Cost plus fixed fee and Sola’s employer carries the risk
c. Purchase order and there is no risk or minimal risk for purchase orders
d. Cost plus fixed fee and the seller carries the risk

38. In what sort of organizations do the project managers have the highest level of authority?

a. Weak matrix organization
b. Balanced Matrix
c. Strong matrix organization
d. Projectized organization

39. Suzan is a project manager at a functional organization. The CEO asks her which of three projects to manage. Project 1 has a BCR of 2:1. project 2 has a BCR of 4: 1 and project 3 has a BCR of 3.77:1. Which project is best for the organization to manage?

a. Project 3
b. Project 1
c. Project 2
d. Insufficient data

40. The cost involved in designing a website for a business is

a. Indirect Variable
b. Fixed Cost
c. Indirect Fixed
d. insufficient data

41. Samantha has just finished a kick off meeting with her clients. Even though the project is in China, they want all transactions to be dollars. She has also been informed that their upper budget is $4.8 million. This a

a. Risk Trigger
b. Assumption
c. Constraint
d. None of the above

42. Who is ultimately responsible for quality in an organization?

a. Senior Management
b. Project management teams
c. Quality manager
d. Project manager

43. What is the main output from the monitoring and controlling process group?

a. Project Charter
b. Approved change request
c. Rejected change request
d. Corrective action

44. For a wedding Tina is managing, the grooms car is a customized Rolls Royce Phantom rented off the Sultan of Brunei. You suggest that the car should be insured from the minute it leaves his custody till it gets back to him. It took 4 days longer than expected to get the insurance in place so the project is running behind schedule. Insuring the car is an example of

a. Being careful
b. Transferring the risk
c. Risk mitigation
d. Secondary risk

45. Which of these is not a project selection technique?

a. Return-On-Investment
b. Internal Rate of Return
c. Earned Value Management
d. Cost Benefit analysis

46. Pessimistic estimate is $1,650, Most likely estimate is $1,177 while the Optimistic estimate is $730. What is the 3 point average?

a. $1,181.33
b. $2,362.67
c. $1,185.67
d. $4,742.67

47. Gianni is pondering whether to bid for a contract to build 15 story skyscraper for a multinational firm. The project has come with a design scope of work as well as a budget and time frame. Tom, his project manager has 8 years experience in the construction industry and has managed similar projects. He describes the project to Tom asks him for a very quick estimate of how long and how much such a project is likely to cost. What sort of estimate is Tom going to give him?

a. Bottom-up
b. Monte-Carlo
c. Analogous
d. Parametric

48. Remi, a project manager returns from a 2 day leave of absence. Within 20 minutes of looking at the progress and status reports, she calls a meeting and tells her team that they will run out of money before the project is completed. Which metric did she use to deduce this information?

a. RAM
b. EVM
c. CPI
d. BAC

49. You are the Project Manager movie set. The project is behind schedule and has a CPI of 0.687. You decide that rather than let Tom Cruise act his parts then have to set the stage for the same scene again in 2 weeks time for his stunt double to perform stunts, you will do both scenes on the same day. That way you spend half the time setting the stage. You decide to shoot Tom’s scenes first on the day and the stunts the next day. What sort of dependency is this?

a. External
b. Resequencing
c Discretionary
d. Mandatory

50. Project planning software such as Microsoft projects allow you to carry out resource levelling The primary purpose of resource levelling is

a. Increase the time frame for the project
b. Reduce the time frame for the project
c. Prevent you from over utilizing your project team members on any given day
d. Reduce the possibility of errors on the project.



1. Ans: D – There is no such thing as an inter-related dependency.

2. Ans: C – Negative values mean that the project is over budget or behind schedule while positive values mean the project is under budget or ahead of schedule

3. Ans: B – Change requests should be formal and written for posterity.

4. Ans: C – The project charter, created in the develop charter process is where authority is officially given to the project manager

5. Ans: A – Corrective action is any approved action intended to bring the future performance of the project in line with project management plan or vice versa. Crashing is a schedule compression technique and may well work, but that is one of the options to be considered at the emergency meeting. Benchmarking is a process/system of comparing your project to similar past projects to get ideas for managing your project or to improve it or use it as a basis for measuring performance It is one of the tools/techniques that will be used during the meeting. Project management plan updates refers to changes to the project management plan based on the decisions made at the meeting.

6. Ans: C – Transferring the risk will can be done by purchasing insurance or getting an insurance form that will foot the bill of there are any successful robberies. Hiring extra personnel is mitigating the risk, not transferring it. Even if you can get a state where there are no robbery risk, that is avoiding the risk, not transferring it. Option A is noise i.e irrelevant.

7. Ans: A – After the merger of Project B and G team members, there will be 14 plus 7 team members = 21 team members. Therefore the number of communication channels is calculated using the formula: [N(N-1)]/2]

8. Ans: D – Risk for which you can purchase insurance is called pure risk while insurance is not available for business risk

9. Ans: C – Risk log is not an input to the manage stakeholders expectations process.

10. Ans: C – Factors which limit options available on a project such as cost, time, and available software are called constraints

11. Ans: A – This is a lessons learnt meeting. Its purpose is to discuss what went well on the project as well as what went wrong. You standardize what went well and find the causes of what went wrong so you can avoid it on future projects

12. Ans: A – Fixed Price Economic Price Adjust contracts rise and fall with inflation and deflation respectively

13. Ans: B – They are group creativity techniques used to get ideas or various ways of achieving project objectives.

14. Ans: D – All three are equally important unless otherwise stated

15. Ans: C – Progress report provides information on what has been done recently on the project. Status report provides information on everything that has been done on the project from the first day. Variance report shows the difference between what was planned to happen and what actually happened. Forecast report provides information on what is expected to be happening on the project. It includes Estimate at Completion (EAC), Estimate to Complete (ETC), Variance at Completion (VAC)

16. Ans: C – ETC. Estimate To Completion is a forecast which is used to determine how much funds are needed to complete the project. CV, CPI and SPI are project performance measures

17. Ans: A – Inspection is the only tool/technique for the verify scope process

18. Ans: D – According to the PMI, confronting the problem is the best conflict resolution method whilst forcing is the worst

19. Ans: C – Share. Positive risks have the following risk response strategies; share, enhance and exploit and acceptance. Acceptance is also a risk response strategy for negative risks. All the other options, avoid, transfer, and mitigate are negative risk responses.

20. Ans: C – (CV= EV-AC) and (SV = EV – PV)

21. Ans: B – The project manager is assigned or gets his powers from the project charter. Organization breakdown structure and work breakdown structure may help as well but they do not officially assign a project manager and they are already in existence. Letter of promotion is noise(irrelevant)

22. Ans: D – Sonny has to finish before Laila starts. Hence it is a finish to start relationship.

23. Ans: D – This the same as option A but option A is the in the same order starting from the bottom of the pyramid

24. Ans: C – $1,201,923.08. EAC = Estimate At Completion = BAC/CP. BAC = 500,000 and CPI = EV/AC = 156,000/375,000= 0.416, So EAC = 500,000/0.416 = 1,201.923.08

25. Ans: D – The project manager is responsible for quality standards on the project

26. Ans: C – The budget is calculated and prepared in the planning process group under the Estimate Costs and Determine Budget processes.

27. Ans: B – The only tool and technique for the Create WBS process is Decomposition

28. Ans : C – This is either a weak matrix organization or a functional organization,
where the project manager has little support/authority. As weak matrix organization is not one of the options, the right answer is a functional

29. Ans: C – Low grade means lesser features(options) on a product such as a phone. A blackberry bold is a higher grade phone than a Nokia 1100. So low grade is acceptable if that is what the customer wants. Quality on the the other hand is what the customer wants. So low quality indicates a departure from what the customer requested. So low quality is unacceptable

30. Ans: D – Pareto’s principle states that 80% of the defects are caused by 20% of the issues. If you focus on this, you find the 20% of your bugs that are critical and resolve them, you will have removed most of the bugs

31. Ans: C – The WBS dictionary explains the contents of the WBS. The gantt chart is a graphical, sequential representation of the work of the
project. The Project charter gives authority to the Project manager and authorises/gives life to the project. There is no need to contact Obi because all the information should be in the WBS dictionary

32. Ans: C – This is the quickest way to get the actual costs on the project. Actual costs AC = CPI/EV

33. Ans: B Gold plating is trying to overdeliver by doing more work than is required or fast tracking in a bid to finish earlier. Basically it is trying to give the client more than he/she has asked for and it is bad.

34. Ans: B – Ishikawa diagram is also known as a cause and effect diagram. It is used to get to the real cause or root cause of issues/problems as opposed to treating the symptoms.
35. Ans: C – A project by must have a start and end date. A bank will always receive deposits from customers as long as it remains a retail bank.

36. Ans: B – 3 sigma is 99.73%, 99.997% is 6 sigma, 2 sigma is 95.46%, 1 sigma is 68.26%

37. Ans: C – The best contract type in this situation is a purchase order as the seller is just going to procure the items from a source she trusts and supply them straight to Sola’s company without any customization. There minimal risk, if any for purchase orders.

38. Ans: D – The project manager has the most authority in a projectized organization followed by a string matrix organization followed by a balanced matrix organization where he/she is on equal footing with the functional manager

39. Ans: C – Always take the project with the highest benefit cost ratio, all things being equal.

40. Ans: C – The cost of a website is fixed because you do not pay for it each time you or your clients visit it. It is also indirect because you do not pay for it each time you get a new project or client.

41. Ans : C – Their maximum budget of $4.8 million is a constraint

42. Ans: C – Senior management or senior executives are responsible for the quality standards of an organization. The Project managers are responsible for the quality standards of their individual projects while each team member is responsible for the quality of her own work

43. Ans: D: Corrective action is the main output and it is applies when there is any variance from the plan

44. Ans: B – Transferring the risk. By insuring the car, the insurance company agrees to cover the costs should the car get damaged or even stolen.

45. Ans: C – EVM, Earned Value Management is a way of tracking project progress with respect to time and money. All the other options are project selection techniques based on cost. You should always choose the highest number.

46. Ans: C – $1,185.67. Three point average is (P + O + R)/3

47. Ans: C – Analogous estimates are based on past experience/knowledge and are the quickest to come up with Bottom-up is time consuming and the most accurate. Monte Carlo is computerized and will also require more date. Parametric is based on some sort of metric such as cost per square meter etc

48. Ans: C – Cost Performance Index is used to tell the efficiency with which money is being spent RAM – Responsibility Assignment Matrix(RAM) is used to show who is responsible, accountable, to be consulted and to be informed on any part of the
project. Earned Value Management(EVM) is the method for determining if a project is under/over budget and ahead of/behind schedule. Budget At Completion(BAC) is the original planned budget for the project.

49. Ans: C – Discretionary dependency. It is neither mandatory, not is it dependent on an external body. You could decide to shoot the stunt scenes first or you could decide to shoot each scene for Tom Cruise and his double then move to the next scene. It is up to you.

50. Ans: C – When you initially come up with your project plan, some of the resources will be working for as long as 20 hours on some days and as little as 3 hour days on others. The long working days especially makes mistakes more likely. Resource levelling is a tool in project planning software that is used too correct this by spreading the work out evenly over the duration of the project. The effect is that it increases the duration of the project but then the risk of errors is reduced. Options A and D are also correct but they are consequences of resource
levelling, not the reason for it.


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