Project Management Training

Project Management Training

Project Management Training is becoming increasingly important in various industries in Nigeria. This is regardless of whether or not you sit for the PMP certification exam.

In much the same way that the mobile computing devices have replaced the desktop in our lives, projects based organizations have come to replace traditional, functional organizations. This has led to an increased demand for certified project managers and those who have undergone project management training.

Various organizations in varying industries from construction through fashion design to journalism can benefit from one aspect or the other of project management. It is not only a multi-disciplinary skill, it is one of the most globally recognized multi-disciplinary skills/certifications in the world.

Certified project managers are becoming increasing important to their organizations success at achieving their strategic objectives. With this increasing importance comes increased responsibility, increased recognition and increased pay cheques.

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Despite their increased prominence, a surprisingly large number of people still wonder what they stand to gain from project management training. Some  even feel project managers do not do much or even any work to justify their high salaries.

Project management is manner or process of handling projects(temporary endeavors in any industry) so as to achieve their objectives within the planned time and cost constraints. This is easier said than done and it includes all the following(this is not an exhaustive list):

  1. Identify all stakeholders
  2. Determine the projects stated and unstated requirements of all stakeholders
  3. Determine the projects’ true objectives
  4. Asses the projects viability
  5. Plan the project
  6. Ensure only necessary work is planned and only planned work is done
  7. Ensure only authorized changes occur on the project
  8. Determine the timeframe in which it can be done and cost of the project
  9. Determine the human and physical resources (equipment, machinery etc) required for the project
  10. Assemble a project team
  11. Manage and provide leadership for the project team
  12. Settle inevitable conflicts between team members and motivate them
  13. Anticipate the possible risks that can impact the project one way or the other
  14. Chose suitable vendors, suppliers, contractors
  15. Monitor project execution and compare progress to the plan
  16. Watch out for problems/issues and communicate same with potential solutions to the necessary stakeholders
  17. Ensure quality standards are adhered to
  18. Communicate progress to all stakeholders as and at when due
  19. And so much more

Regardless of industry, these are just some of what project managers do. Hence the reason it is said to be multidisciplinary.

Which Project Management Training Should You Do?

There are various project management methodologies(frameworks) in existence. But the top two by popularity and perhaps efficiency are PMP(or CAPM) and PRINCE 2

While either one will boost your career, it helps to have a history of both so you can decide which is best for you.

PRINCE2 was created by the UK Govt for their IT contractors. While it is gradually being adapted to apply to other disciplines, it is used mainly by UK companies wherever they are in the world. So if your employer is British and you intend to build a career there, you are better off with PRINCE2. Same goes for if you intend to relocate to the UK.

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PMP(Project Management Professional) was created by the Project Management Institute, USA.It is a collection of best practices in business as found in the world’s most successful organizations  e.g United States Department of Defence and NASA. As such, it is the default methodology used by American organizations around the world. It was purpose built to be applicable to any and all industries/disciplines which is a major reason for its popularity with non-American organizations. If your employer is American or you intend to migrate to America/Canada, then you are better off doing PMP.

If your employer uses neither PMP nor PRINCE2, then PMP will be better for you. A major reason is that most of the world’s most successful organizations are American. As many of them are in Nigeria, you will have much more opportunities.

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