15 Reasons Why You Should Get The PMP Certification(or CAPM).

1. It leads to one of the most valuable certifications in the world. Google ‘most valuable certifications’ to
see for yourself.

2. You get current insights into the processes and systems of the world’s most successful organizations.

3. It leads to an internationally recognized certification.

4. It is multi-disciplinary i.e. it is valued and has applications in practically all industries; not just
engineering, but medicine, event management, fashion design, etc – they all run project.

5. You can use it to change careers as it applies to practically all industries.

6. It will complement whatever course or field you decide to specialize in or whatever you have done in the past.

7. It helps make you more efficient and productive.

8. It opens your eyes to so many other professional courses e.g. project planner, six sigma, total quality
management, supply chain management, business analysis, lean, requirements elicitation ISO, etc

9. For many, it is the first opportunity to learn management and strategy as most university courses do not
teach them.

10. It gives you a basis to compete in the global job market- with expatriates in your country and in their own

11. While it is not an MBA, it is one of the cheapest alternatives to an MBA and it also takes less time.

12. It makes you versatile and so secures your job in these uncertain economic climes.

13. If you are new in the job market, PMP/CAPM gives you a significant advantage over your contemporaries and
other applicants.

14. If you plan to relocate abroad(USA, Canada for example either of these certifications will help you get a
good paying, professional job quicker.

15. Certified Project managers earn considerably more than their peers who are not certified.

16. The demand for project managers has not been met and it is still growing.